Pushcart Prize Nominations

Poems selected from The Orchards Summer Issue 2022

An Evening Walk by Bryan Edward Helton

Wish Fish by Bill Howell

paper boat by Sodïq Oyèkànmí

Poems selected from The Orchards  2021

Cathedral  by John Schneider

The Bear’s Carol by Daniel Lusk

Atammayata by George Payne

Witness ~ Ken Meisel

Lincoln at His Mother’s Death ~ Steve Gehrke

The Claim  ~  Rebecca A. Spears


Poems selected from The Orchards 2020

Storage and Retrieval ~ C.B. Anderson

Pony Tracks in the Snow ~ John Grey

Old Lady on Plane ~ William R. Stoddart

Ex-Husband, Old Dog ~ Lisa McCabe

Twilight ~ Wendy Sloan

Dharma’s Last Lesson on the illusion of self ~ Erik Richardson


Poems selected from The Orchards 2019

Motherly Advice ~ Lisa DeSiro

Almost Eleven Years ~ Larry Levy

Our Faulkner ~ Benjamin L. Pérez

Lady Caroline Lamb Writes To Lord Byron After The Break-up ~ Wendy A. Howe

Vanessa Stephen Bell ~ Terese Coe

Elegy: One Year in Plymouth ~ Jean L. Keiling


Poems selected from The Orchards 2018

Paul Hostovsky ~ Late for the Gratitude Meeting

Taylor Graham ~  Still Meadow

Sally Thomas ~ My Father Drawing in an Upstairs Room

Chris O’Carroll ~ Getting High with Emily Dickinson

Susan McLean ~ What You Need to Know

David Danoff ~ Old Town


Poems selected from The Orchards 2017

Kevin Durkin ~ Tenants

John Grey ~ Sonnet of the Forest

Leslie Schultz ~ To a Former Friend, Whose Affections Are Withdrawn

Catherine Chandler ~ The Watchers at Punta Ballena, Uruguay

Siham Karami ~ To a Birch Tree

Gary Whitby ~ World’s End


Poems selected from The Orchards 2016 

Catherine Chandler ~ Valediction

Sally Cook ~ Mercurial

Gary Whitby ~ Sister Maggie

Dana Gioia ~ Marriage of Many Years

Nicole Caruso Garcia ~ All Things Lost

Quincy R. Lehr ~ A Note for Posterity

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