Pushcart Prize Nominations

Poems selected from The Orchards 2020

Storage and Retrieval ~ C.B. Anderson

Pony Tracks in the Snow ~ John Grey

Old Lady on Plane ~ William R. Stoddart

Ex-Husband, Old Dog ~ Lisa McCabe

Twilight ~ Wendy Sloan

Dharma’s Last Lesson on the illusion of self ~ Erik Richardson


Poems selected from The Orchards 2019

Motherly Advice ~ Lisa DeSiro

Almost Eleven Years ~ Larry Levy

Our Faulkner ~ Benjamin L. Pérez

Lady Caroline Lamb Writes To Lord Byron After The Break-up ~ Wendy A. Howe

Vanessa Stephen Bell ~ Terese Coe

Elegy: One Year in Plymouth ~ Jean L. Keiling


Poems selected from The Orchards 2018

Paul Hostovsky ~ Late for the Gratitude Meeting

Taylor Graham ~  Still Meadow

Sally Thomas ~ My Father Drawing in an Upstairs Room

Chris O’Carroll ~ Getting High with Emily Dickinson

Susan McLean ~ What You Need to Know

David Danoff ~ Old Town


Poems selected from The Orchards 2017

Kevin Durkin ~ Tenants

John Grey ~ Sonnet of the Forest

Leslie Schultz ~ To a Former Friend, Whose Affections Are Withdrawn

Catherine Chandler ~ The Watchers at Punta Ballena, Uruguay

Siham Karami ~ To a Birch Tree

Gary Whitby ~ World’s End


Poems selected from The Orchards 2016 

Catherine Chandler ~ Valediction

Sally Cook ~ Mercurial

Gary Whitby ~ Sister Maggie

Dana Gioia ~ Marriage of Many Years

Nicole Caruso Garcia ~ All Things Lost

Quincy R. Lehr ~ A Note for Posterity